Forest School

Dear all, the weather has really changed! Therefore, please can you ensure that your child has warm clothing, especially for his/her forest school session. We go into the ‘forest’ regardless of the weather – it is truly amazing how different the ‘forest’ looks and feels each day! Apart from a warm coat, gloves, hats and scarves are a must at the moment- and an extra pair of socks to put on would be beneficial too as wellingtons can be very cold! There have been a couple of changes to the timetable also: YR, Y4 Mr Seale and Y1 sessions are on Thursdays, Y3 on Tuesdays, Y2, Y5 and Y4 Miss Leybourne on Mondays and Y6 on Wednesdays. The children continue to enjoy their experiences in our ‘forest’ and appropriate clothing will ensure they enjoy them even more! Thank you!


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