Forest School

A very warm welcome to our third year providing regular Forest School sessions to all of our children at St Michael’s! We are looking forward to providing even more outdoor learning opportunities and experiences throughout the year, whatever the weather! These sessions will support the children’s holistic development.

Forest School sessions are usually led by the children’s interests and the main goals are to encourage curiosity and exploration with all the senses, empowering children in the natural environment, as well as encouraging motor development and spatial awareness.

The children gain benefits in social skills such as team building and cooperation, risk management, project planning and recognition of each other’s achievements.  The high child/adult ratios mean children can experience activities that would otherwise be prohibited.

And there is always time at the end of each session for independent exploration and play!

Each term two children are chosen to receive a special certificate based on their contribution and involvement in Forest School activities. This becomes even more special as they can invite a parent or family member to come to their next Forest School session to see what we get up to! We are looking forward to seeing more parents and family members soon!


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