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St. Michael’s Vision for Science.

Science works best when we are…

Science is a valued core subject at St. Michael’s. We recognise the importance of developing enquiring minds and developing scientific skills. Please read our St. Michael’s Science policy here: Science Policy St. Michael’s RCP

Science at Home!

Try some crazy science at home with the following activity ideas. Remember that science is all around  you, so you could also make up your own investigations of experiments. We would love to see some of your work at school!

Painting with water

All you need for this is a surface, a brush and some water! Grab an apron – or not! – and head outside to paint with water. How did the colour change when you painted? Why did this happen? What happened to the water after a while?

Mirror Portraits

Create a masterpiece, while also learning about light and reflections. Use a mirror and draw yourself up close. Pay close attention to the parts of your face: What is their job? Why do we have a nose, ears, eyes? Then, think about how you are able to see yourself in the mirror. Where is the light travelling? How does light help me to see?


Keep up to date with what’s happening in science around the world:

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